Sunday, August 23, 2009

Wedding Favors: Mint Tins

Wedding favors come in all shapes and sizes, but they all have one purpose: to give your guests a small, personalized token of appreciation that they can take away from the wedding. Future Hubby wanted to give jordan almonds, I wanted mini breath mints, and we both liked M&Ms. In the end, mini mints won out!

Here's how to make these favors in a cost-conscious way. We purchased the white, 1.75"x1.25" hinged tins online from Clay Alley. Most online candy stores sell various mints by the 5-pound bag. We purchased one bag of Mighty Mini Mints (I didn't make up that name) from A Candy Store. Turns out, the mints are smaller than I expected, so we ended by purchasing a second bag. The stickers were designed using Avery I.D. permanent labels model 6570 from (I used the rest of the labels - 480 come in one pack - for the stickers on the back of the invitation envelopes). I cut and pasted part of our dandy damask design onto each square on the Word template (all Avery product template can be downloaded here.) It took me an evening to stick on all those stickers, but with the TV on in the background, the time flew!

After the wedding, guests can reuse the mini tins for things like carrying vitamins or other pills, or storing little desktop items like pins or paperclips.

175 white, hinged tins: $182.00
mighty mini mints (two 5-pound bags): $53.88
Avery labels: $15.44
TOTAL COST: $251.32

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Anonymous said...

Hi, did you print the labels yourself after making the design on the Avery website?